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About the show

Created by the team of expert clinicians at The LightHouse Arabia - Center for Wellbeing in Dubai, UAE, The Casting Light podcast explores important topics for mental health and wellbeing across the age range and life stages. Weekly episodes welcome guest experts from the team of world-class psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapist to share insights, practical tips & tools and support along life's journey. Suitable for adults (18 yrs+), parents and couples.

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  • Episode 3: How to Manage Your High Energy Child

    March 29th, 2021  |  38 mins 3 secs
    children, mental health, parenting, psychology, wellbeing

    Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic may be impacting your child's emotional regulation and behavior, and tips for managing their energy.

  • Episode 2: ACT: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

    January 25th, 2021  |  48 mins 55 secs
    acceptance and commitment therapy, act, mental health, middle east, relationships. wellbeing, the lighthouse arabia, therapy

    Understanding Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT): Open up, be present, and do what matters

  • Episode 1: Know the Signs: Why Mental Health Matters Now, More than Ever

    January 25th, 2021  |  48 mins 21 secs
    mental health, mhfa, middle east, psychology, the lighthouse arabia, therapy, wellbeing, wellness

    A conversation with the Director of Mental Health First Aid, UAE, around why understanding the mental health construct is so important, and the benefits of Mental Health First Aid training.

  • Little Lifetimes

    October 28th, 2020  |  49 mins 13 secs
    grief, loss, mental health, parenting, pregnancy

    Shining light on the grief and loss of a pregnancy or miscarriage, and also raising awareness of the Little Lifetimes grief support group offered by The LightHouse Arabia.

  • Grief During Times of COVID-19

    October 28th, 2020  |  48 mins 1 sec
    bereavement, covid-19, grief, mental health

    Exploring the process of grief and bereavement, and practical ways to move through it - specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • SmartHearts: Why Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids is More Important Now Than Ever

    October 22nd, 2020  |  41 mins 25 secs
    children, emotional intelligence, mental health, parenting, psychology

    An episode for parents with children ages 3 - 12 years to learn more about the emotional bridge to children, how to facilitate relational attunement, and enhance emotional expression in children.